Business Mastery


Raw and unedited – This program is coming straight from the business preparation room!

This 10X - Grow Your Business digital learning program is the unedited recording of 12 sessions of an Advanced Coaching & Mentoring program. It's presented as 12 online learning lessons with the complete set of documents & templates.

"10X - Grow Your Business"

Succeed at business as a business owner. Create time & money freedom for yourself.

Understand and implement the critical business and financial analysis tools, skills, and strategies used by the professionals.

  • Develop a 3 - 5 year vision and roadmap for your business

  • Become smarter and more competitive

  • Add more value and make fewer mistakes

  • Eliminate guesswork and make decisions that give you control of your business and finances

  • Prioritize your business activities and decisions

  • Progress with the least amount of wasted effort

  • Optimize and maximize between, sales , profits and cash flow

This Is What Is Covered During 12 A/V Lessons...

  • Psychological preparation - to have the clarity and certainty of vision & purpose, to develop the mindset of a leader & a business owner

  • Financial preparation and financial wisdom - so that you understand, speak, live & breathe the language of financially viable businesses that generate sustainable profits & assure livelihood

  • Business preparation and business intellect - so that you think & operate as a business owner & not just an expert or a salesman selling your expertise

  • Client DNA - for better understanding of all your clients, all your stakeholders

  • Basics of Financial Planning - Investment & reserves planning - how you prepare your business for rough weather

  • Basics of Financial Management - Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement - financial brilliance of every successful business

  • Optimize for - Income v/s Profit v/s Cash Flow - how the different choices impact your business to the extent of threatening your survival

  • 9 Pillars of a business bueprint - vision & structure of succesful businesses

  • Business blueprint - design of your business, strategy ideation

  • 5 common business architecture patterns - businesses that create value

  • Brainstorming & ideation sessions for each business architecture pattern - design a successful business

  • Brainstorming & ideation sessions for each pillar of business blueprint - create a sustainable business that unlocks hidden potential

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